Saturday, April 10, 2010

Crumbling below a stranger's feet as the dust settles on rooftops & late afternoon calls my name.

On some days, I feel as if my heart & mind are clashing on the field of a chessboard - because my world is painted in monochrome ; everything is black & white, & never grey. On those days, you remind me that there’s more than just the
never ending conflict - & you tell me with a laugh that black & white aren’t real colours, they’re only shades & tones. But I’m not like you, you think in colours that don’t exist. On other days, I’ll listen to you as you tell me that love lasts forever. But it’s on those days that I laugh, because I know that you're wrong. I know that 'love' is just a pocket watch, ticking slowly on half-dead batteries, ready to stop at any moment. Perhaps one day I’ll believe it. Some day, I might believe you. But I think you should know that by then, it’s far too late for you to stop me from falling down my rabbit hole to hell.

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