Friday, April 9, 2010

Salt tears grace my cheeks, I am a puddle of irony.

She curled into a ball on one side of the empty bed. Feeling the chill creeping up her spine and the bitter cold biting through her skins. Her body was trembling with every breath she took. The night was windy with strong breezes. The rain outside was light as it accompanied the thunderstorms from the distance. So far away yet still so loud. Moonlight shone the lonely room from the black window. She was on the verge of crying, silently. Tears were emerging from the corner of her beautiful, green eyes. Her hands curled up into a ball of fist as she clutched her bedsheets. The other hand of hers, shook badly as it covered her mouth. The white, silky nightgown didn't cover the thin, small, vulnerable body. Thick blanket was the best rescue but it was damped there, untouched. The fan wasn't on, yet there was wind in the small, dark room.She ignored her messy, long, black hair spread on the pillow. Her red, full lips started to shake as she bit hard on her tongue. Her heart was yearning, & it was all that she could think. The clouds were black & white with drops. There was no creature outside there to be able to help the helpless, lonely lady. While the oceans waves kept crashing & the tall trees kept waving, the body & heart of a beautiful lady in her lonely room kept breaking & breaking. As she was afraid of the fear of time....

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